Looking to grow as an artist, be challenged and inspired? Come dance with us  and take your training to a new level.

  • Competitions
  • Conventions
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Exclusive Master Classes
  • Professional Photoshoots and/or Video/Film Projects
  • Dance Agency Preparation (Audition Training, Headshots, Resumes)
  • College Guidance-Application and Audition Prep 
  • Other Performance Opportunities
  • Growth and Development
  • Team Bonding Events
  • Annual Gala





Audition Process & Requirements

Our audition process is more unique.  Rather than see a dancer on one day for one hour, we like to have time to get to know the dancer, see him/her dance in a group setting with other dancers (of the same level), assess the dancer’s areas of strength and areas that need improvement so we can best determine which company group is most suited to the dancer, setting him/her up for long term success. 

Dancers will take classes during our 6 week summer session running July 1-August 8, 2024.  Requirements can be completed over a couple weeks or all six weeks, this is the dancer’s choice. To register for Summer Classes CLICK HERE   Avanti Summer Intensive is also required for the audition process for ages 6+.  To register for our 2024 Summer Intensive CLICK HERE Please read further below for audition requirements by age.

Step One: Complete the online application located below. There will be a $25.00 application fee paid at the time the application is submitted. Once received our detailed company information packet will be emailed to the parent. 

All applications submitted will be reviewed and a member of our staff will contact the parent(s) to answer any further questions and offer summer class suggestions.

Physical audition process will be as follows:

For ages 8 and above, attendance of a minimum 20 classes during our 6-week summer session at AVANTI (6 of which must be ballet) and 2 Pilates classes (preferably reformer classes), PLUS attendance of ADC Summer Intensive (July 22-25, 2024) in the appropriate age group.

For ages 6-7, attendance of a minimum of 12 classes during our 6-week summer session (4 of which must be ballet) PLUS attendance of our ADC Summer Intensive (July 23-25, 2024) in the appropriate age group.   Attendance of an ADC Summer Camp for this age group, can also count toward requirements.

For ages 5 & under, attendance of a minimum of 8 classes during our 6-week summer session (3 of which must be ballet).  Attendance of ADC Summer Camp classes for this age group, can also count towards requirements.



Register for 5/22 Meeting Register for 6/12 Meeting

ADC Company

AVANTI’s Performance Company is a national award-winning collective of young artists, ages 3-18, who show extreme devotion to dance and aspire to take their abilities to the next level. Company members train extensively in classical dance (ballet and pointe) and commercial dance (contemporary, modern, jazz, lyrical, tap and hip-hop).

As a result, ADC Performance Company members become extremely versatile, well-rounded dancers and performers. Company members have the opportunity to take a wide variety of technique and style classes throughout the week, including choreography sessions with top guest and faculty choreographers, where the dancers work fervently on pieces which are presented at competitions regionally and nationally, as well as having the opportunity to attend in-house master classes and workshops taught by respected industry professionals throughout the year.

While Performance Company is a competitive dance company, members are also able to contribute through their performances at community charitable events. Company members gain more than just dance training; they are a close-knit family who share a unique bond in their passion for dance. Drawing strength from each other, they gain confidence and an outstanding work ethic that will continue to be a solid foundation helping them in all aspects of their life.


2023 Best of Radix Nationals Teen 3d Runner Up


Why audition for Avanti’s Performance Company?

  • Work with instructors who will encourage and mentor student’s growth and success both inside and outside the studio. 
  • Focus on developing the versatile artist.
  • Exposure to outside industry professionals (exclusive master classes/workshops hosted at Avanti)
  • Develop a strong mind and body. 
  • Commitment to training with and belonging to a team.
  • Emphasis on technique and performance quality.
  • Time management: learning to meet the demands of both academics and dance training.
  • Gain appreciation for how hard work and dedication equals results.
  • Become part of an extended family and build lifelong friendships.
  • Prepare for agency auditions/representation, a professional career in dance or college dance program.

If you are interested in learning more about Avanti Performance Company please call us at 949-375-5579 or if you would like to receive information via email, please contact us at admin@avantidancecompany.com

Performance Company

  • Attendance of 3-5 Regional Competitions/Convention and 1-2 National Competitions (most within CA, exceptions could be Nationals )
  • Professional Photo Shoot
  • Other performances TBD
  • Audition Prep for agency/commercial dance opportunities

Performance Company members will fall under these divisions based on age, technical and commitment level:

Micro Mini’s: Ages 3+ 

Mini Company:  Ages 5+

Petite Company:  Ages 7+

Junior Company:   Ages 9+

Preteen Company: Ages 11+

Teen Company: Ages 13+

Senior Company:  Ages 15+ (must not be older than 18 by January 1, 2025)

Company Training Requirements:

  • Each performing group within the company will have a training block created for their specific level and continued growth. This will include classes by style (jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, hip hop, tap etc.), ballet requirements and specialty technique classes (tech & turns, legs & extensions, stretch & conditioning, acro/tumbling).  

Have additional questions?

Contact Our Directors

Placement & Training Questions:

Nikki Charest, Company Director Ages 8+       

Email: Nikki@avantidancecompany.com

Jordan Barker, Mini Company Director Ages 7&Under   

Email: jordan@avantidancecompany.com

Taryn Chavez, Executive Director                 

Email: taryn@avantidancecompany.com

Juli Dean, Financial Administrator  Email: admin@avantidancecompany.com

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