Set your child up for success!  Beginning Level 1-2 students will learn proper technique, musicality and how to master the fundamentals.

Intermediate Level 3-4 students will focus on growing their technical foundation, exploring and expanding on their movement quality.

While this is a non-competitive program, this is an excellent start for dancers looking to bridge into our competitive program.  This program does not mean your dancer is obligated in anyway to move into our competitive program nor can we guarantee placement for dancer’s auditioning. 

Students in this program will be invited to perform at our two annual student showcases.

Dance teaches your child valuable skills they will use in every aspect of their lives.  We believe every Avanti student whether training recreationally or competitively deserves excellence in their dance education while still having fun and growing as an individual.

Curriculum Includes: Ballet, Jazz. Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro/Tumbling


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Avanti’s acro (short for acrobatics) and tumbling program is specifically designed with dancers and aerialists in mind. Tumbling and Acro classes make a great compliment to both the dance and aerial program. 

Acro/Tumbling Class Offered:

  • Tiny Tumblers Ages 3-6 (see on Mini Mover/Main schedule)
  • Tumbling Level 1-Level 4/5 
  • Ballet/Acro Combo Level 1 (see on main schedule)
  • Ballet/Acro Combo Level 2 (see on main schedule)
  • Acro Level 2/3
  • Acro/Tumbling Clinics check out our EVENTS page to view and register

Tiny Tumblers-Intro to Tumbling Ages 3-6:  Students will be introduced to the fundamentals and safety of tumbling. They will also do fun strength training skills. Goals to master will be an unsupported bridge, front roll, cartwheel, and handstand.  No prior experience necessary.

Beginning Tumbling (Level 1): Students will work on strength training, splits, flexibility skills, front roll, cartwheel, handstand and an unsupported bridge. Goals to master will be kick over from a bridge, handstand to front limber, standing round off and one arm cartwheel. No prior experience necessary.

Intermediate Tumbling (Level 2): Students must have a bridge kick over, front limber and a one-armed cartwheel.  Skills worked on will be dive cartwheels, back walk over, front walk over, running round off, side aerial, back handspring.  Goals to master to move to Level 3 are all walkovers, all cartwheels, working on/towards aerials.

Intermediate Tumbling (Level 3): Students must have strong back walk over, strong front walk over, all cartwheels, should have or be close to having a side aerial or back handspring.  Goals to master will be a side aerial, back handspring and front aerial. Must have aerial (at least one side) and back handspring to move to Level 4/5.

Advanced Tumbling (Levels 4/5):  Students must have a side aerial or back handspring to transition to this level.   Goals to master will be round off back handspring, front aerial, back tucks, lay outs, fulls, front tucks, combination passes other advanced level tricks.



Give your child the edge she or he deserves. Under the guidance of our top dance professionals, this program is designed for dancers who want to take their training to a serious level and/or for dancers looking to prepare for a competitive program, a college dance program or professional auditions.  Dancers will train in a multi-discipline program in advanced level classes.  Classes also available for drop-in’s.

Level 5 Curriculum Includes:

  • Advanced Ballet & Pointe
  • Advanced Jazz/Contemporary 
  • Advanced Hip Hop
  • Advanced Technique 
  • Advanced Master Classes and Workshops Offered All Year (Click our EVENTS page to view and register)


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