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Each year we look forward to putting on our incredible student show case!  This season finale concert offers dancers the opportunity to perform on a professional stage in a beautiful theater and share their talent and hard work with family and friends.  Don’t miss out on seeing your dancer shine on stage!

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DANCER PARTICPATION SIGN-UP FINAL DEADLINE:  February 1, 2019.  Confirm participation in studio only.                                      

COSTUME FORMS GO OUT:  Week of January 15th

COSTUME PAYMENT DUE:  50% January 15, 2019 and 50% February 10, 2019.  Costume fees average $65-$95 per costume (depending on age/class). If paid after February 10, 2019- $25 One-Time Late Fee

COSTUME MEASURMENT/FITTING DATES: January 10-18, 2019 (If parents prefer not to measure dancer themselves).

COSTUME ORDER DATE: February 15, 2019.  Parents are responsible to ensure they know each class their child is taking that will be participating in the Dance Concert and ensure they are returning a completed costume order form for each class. Costume will only be ordered based off completed forms received.

PARTICIPATION FEES DUE:  April 1,2019.  Participation Fee is $50.00 for one class, $10 each additional class maximum of $80 for one dancer or maximum of $120 for family (2 or more dancers), which includes a commemorative t-shirt for each dancer. While we try to keep costs as low as possible, it costs thousands of dollars to produce a dance performance with multiple shows including but not limited to: theater hourly rental, theater technicians, custodial services, insurance, music licensing and staff time. 

SHOW VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP DEADLINE: March 15, 2019. Click here to see and sign up for volunteer positions.

DRESS REHEARSAL AND PHOTO WEEK: June 3-6th 2019 at Avanti Dance Company.  Attendance at Rehearsal/Photo week is mandatory.  During dress rehearsal/photo week there will be no evening classes running other than aerial arts.  Dancers will be rehearsing their dances according to the cast schedule below. Dancers must bring their costumes and arrive with hair and makeup done for the rehearsal.   A Rehearsal/Photo schedule will be posted four weeks prior.

Click Here for the Rehearsal/Photo Week Schedule the links below to view the time/days your dancer needs to arrive for rehearsal and photos.

Rehearsal Video Link


SHOW PERFORMANCE DAY SCHEDULE: Show Schedule listed below in It’s Showtime Section. Dancers must arrive 45-60 minutes prior to their show time.

SHOW LOCATION: Robert B. Moore Theater at Orange Coast Community College 2701 Fairview Road Costa Mesa, California 92626 Costa Mesa, CA.

TICKETS: Everyone ages 4 yrs and up must have a ticket to enter the theatre, including students who wish to watch. Children ages 3 yrs and under may sit on a parent’s lap without a ticket. Online pre-order tickets go on sale May 8, 2019.  Tickets will range from $16-$20 plus online convenience service fees. Click here to purchase.  Tickets at the door will be available for sale for $18-$24.

ORDER A SHOW DVD!  Order your Show DVD before May 25th to ensure you don’t miss out on this great keepsake! Order DVD of Show #1, #2 or #3 here by downloading order form here.

SHOW PROGRAM:  Include a special message/photo to your awesome dancer in this keepsake recital program or promote a local area business!  Half page ads $25 and full page ads are $40.  Ad sizes are approximately 7”x5” for full page and 3.5”x5” for a half page. Email message/photo or art ready ads to Lauren at lahurwitz5@gmail.com by May 15th

PHOTO ORDER FORM: Click here to download the photo order form.   Packages will include the option for group only and/or individual shots of your dancer.  Group photos will be taken for all dances and participation is mandatory however, purchasing photos is optional.

HAIR/MAKE-UP/ACCESSORIES LIST:  Click here  to download the list of shoes, tights, accessories (and hair style) needed for each dance.

FLOWERS: Beautiful flower bouquets and single stem roses will be available for pre-order and purchase at the venue (limited quantity) for $5 – $15.  Pre-Orders will be available for pick up before the show at the flower table. Non-preorder flowers are available by first come first serve basis.  To ensure your dancer gets his/her flowers, please pre-order by downloading order form here.



*Company-Production “JUNGLE BOOK”

Fri 3:30 pm Ms. Kaitlin’s Ballet I-II “ONCE UPON A DECEMBER”

*Soloist-Mia “TRUE COLORS”

Fri 4:15 pm Ms. Kaitlin’s Ballet I “A DREAM IS A WISH”

Fri 5:00 pm Ms. Nikki’s Jazz III “INTERNATIONAL SMILE”


*Company-Junior Small Jazz “ON BROADWAY”

Fri 5:45 pm Ms. Kaitlin’s Ballet II/III “SYLVIA PIZZICATI”

*Solist-Nia “BITTER”

Sat 9:00 am Ms. Jordan’s Ballet/Jazz Ages 3-5 “WHEN WILL MY LIFE BEGIN”

Sat 9:00 am Mr. Kia’s Hip Hop I “MI GENTE”

*Company-Teen Small Contemp “WASH”

Sat 9:00 am Ms. Abigail’ Ballet/Jazz Ages 3.5-6 “HAPPY FEET ANTARTICA”

Mon 5:00 pm Mr. Adam’s Hip Hop III/IV “SUNFLOWER”

*Company-Teenior Contemp “LET ME GO”




Thurs 6:30 pm Mr. Michael’s Ballet VI “CARMEN ARAGONAISE”

Sat 9:45 am Ms. Jordan’s Jazz I “SHAKE THE ROOM”

Sat 9:45 am Mr. Kia’s Hip Hop II/III “CHUN LI”

*Soloist-Teagan “HOME AT LAST”

Sat 10:30 am Mr. Kia’s Broadway Babies “I’VE GOT NO STRINGS”

*Little Stars- Team Jazz “SURFS UP”

*Company-Senior Trio Syd/Mik/Kat “PLEASE DON’T GO”

Wed 10:00 am Ms. Leslie’s Ballet/Tap Ages 3-5 “RAPUNZEL”

Sat 11:15 am Mr. Kia’s Jazz II/III “ANCIENT EGYPT”

Mon 11:30 am Ms. Taryn’s Ballet/Tap Ages 3.5-6 “I WILL SURVIVE”

*Soloist-Ruby “NO TEAR”

Mon 3:30 pm Ms. Jordan’s Jazz I “WHAT TIME IS IT”

*Soloist-Natalie “ONE EYE OPEN”

Mon 4:15 pm Ms. Nikki’s Jazz II/III “A LITTLE PARTY”

*Soloist-Gracie L “FIRST”

*Company- Musical Theatre “STEP IN TIME”


*Company-Production “JUNGLE BOOK”

*Soloist-Lily “HERE I AM”

Tues 6:30 pm Mr. Kia’s GLEE 1 “KIDS IN AMERICA”

*Company-Petite Duet-Haven/Jojo “GOOSEBUMPS”

Mon 10:45 am Ms. Taryn’s Ballet/Tap Ages 2.5-3.5 “ROCKIN ROBIN”


*Sololist-Syd “DREAMS”

Tues 5:00 pm Ms. Taryn’s Jazz IV “LE JAZZ HOT”

*Soloist-Sophia- PENDING

*Company-Senior Small Contemp “AMEN”

Tues 3:30 pm Ms. Kaitlin’s Ballet II “CAN-CAN”

*Soloist-Keoni “CLASSIC MAN”

*Soloist-Brooke A. “FLICKER”

Tues 10:00 am Ms. Taryn’s Ballet/Tap Ages 2.5-3.5 “FLY TO YOUR HEART”

*Soloist-Mikayla “ALL YOUR LOVE”

Tues 6:30 pm Ms. Taryn’s Lyrical III-IV “RUN, BOY, RUN”

Tues 7:15 pm Ms. Kaitlin’s Pointe “MOONLIGHT SONATA”

*Soloist-Ava “IT IS WELL”

*Company-Petite Jazz “MANIAC”




*Company-Teenior Jazz

Tues 4:15 pm Ms. Kaitlin’s Ballet 1 “JALOUSIE”

*Soloist-Paizley “I’M A LADY”

Tues 5:00 pm Ms. Kaitlin’s Ballet III “AQUARIUM”

*Soloist-Chloe “SEE ME NOW”

Tues 5:45 pm Ms. Kaitlin’s Ballet II “TABU”

*Soloist-Maia “ORGANS”

Tues 10:45 Ages 3.5-6 Ballet/Tap “ALMOST THERE”

*Soloist-Sarah “DARK SIDE”

*Soloist-Sami “DON’T LET ME DOWN”

*Academy Hip Hop “BREAK A SWEAT”

*Soloist-Jojo “MY LOVE”

Tues 4:15 pm Ms. Jordan’s Jazz III “BALLROOM BLITZ”

*Company Jr. Trio-Teags/Ava/Kendra “ENERGIA”

*Company-Preteen Small Jazz “DANGEROUS”

Tues 7:15 pm Mr. Kia’s GLEE 2 “COME ALIVE”

*Company-Petite Contemp “RESCUE”

*Company Large Hip Hop “AVANTI HIGH”


*Company-Production “JUNGLE BOOK”

Thurs 6:30 pm Ms. Jordan’s Jazz III “TOP OF THE WORLD”

*Soloist-Brooke A. “MY DISCARDED MEN”

Wed 3:30 pm Mr. Rony Hip Hop II “ROCKIN’ 50’S”

Wed 3:30 pm Ms. Taryn’s Tap III “COME FLY WITH ME”

Junior Small Contemp “LONG WAY DOWN”

*Soloist-Siena “CHANGE”

Thurs 5:00 pm Ms. Shawn’s Hip Hop III-IV “DON’T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE”

Wed 4:15 pm Ms. Taryn’s Tap I-II “YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT”

*Company Duet-Syd/Soph “DOLLMAKER”

Thurs 5:00 pm Mr. Michael’s Ballet V “PAQUITA MAZURKA”

Wed 4:15 pm Ms. Kaitlin’s Ballet 3 “FLY A KITE”

*Soloist-Scarlett “INEVITABLE”

Thurs 2:45 pm Ms. Abigail’s Ballet/Tap Ages 4-6 “BIG CITY LITTLE DIVAS”

*Soloist-Gracie C “STILL HERE”

Thurs 3:30 pm Mr. Michael’s Ballet IV “GISELLE VALSE”

*Soloist-Abigail “LEAVE YOUR HAT ON”

Thurs 4:15 pm Ms. Shawn’s Hip Hop I-II “AROUND THE WORLD”

*Company-Senior Small Jazz “WE STAYIN UP”




Thurs 5:45 pm Ms. Nikki’s Contemp III-IV “DROPS OF JUPITER”

Thurs 5:45 pm Ms. Jordan’s Ballet II-III “APHRODITE AND ANTHEIA”

*Company Duet-Nia/Kaili “PATIENCE”

*Soloist-Bella “HAPPY”

Thurs 3:30 pm Ms. Abigail’s Lyrical II “ROARING 20’S”

*Company-Teen Small Jazz “AWOO”

*Soloist-Mary “KILL OF THE NIGHT”

*Company-Teen Large Contemp “STARLIGHT”

*Preteen Small Contemp “HAVE MERCY”

Wed 4:15 pm Mr. Rony’s Hip Hop III-IV “ROLLING 20’S”

*Company Duet-Parker/Keoni “BATTER UP”

*Company Trio-Mary/Sarah/Rylee “MY BOY”

*Soloist-June “SLOW AND STEADY”

*Soloist-Kendra “THE WAY”

Wed 5:00 pm Ms. Taryn’s Jazz III “JAI HO”

*Company-Teenior Hip Hop


Please be sure your dancer arrives in full hair/make-up with costumes/accessories in a garment bag approximately one hour before show time.

  • There will be three different performances:  Multiple Classes/Siblings:  If the dancer takes more than one dance class per week there is a strong possibility the dancer could be in more than one show.  The same is true for siblings. We will do our best to group siblings in the same show, but we may not be able to honor this request. 
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE you know your assigned SHOW TIME and REHEARSAL TIME and arrive on time and ready according to any instructions provided.

Be Prepared – Things to Know


Attendance will be very important during the spring session.  Due to the nature of this performance, make-ups may only be offered in technique classes beginning March. Should a dancer need to drop their class due to emergency situations, costume fees already paid will not be refunded.  When costumes arrive, we will notify the dancer’s family to come pick up their costume or request to have it mailed to them.  


If you have agreed your child will be participating in the end of year Dance Concert, you are COMMITTED to paying tuition through the end of the school year (last tuition payment June 1, 2019).   If you do NOT wish to participate in the Dance Concert, you MUST complete the Online “OPT OUT” form by January 31, 2019 to avoid paying costume fees.  (click here to access Non-Participation form)


We spend many hours determining the right costumes for each class and many more hours ensuring orders are placed correctly.  Costumes will always be age-appropriate and from quality dance costume companies. Dance costumes are not sized the same as street clothing so please be sure to measure your child correctly, do not provide their clothing size on the costume order form. Sizes are primarily determined by the student’s girth measurements in addition to the other measurements. We recommend sizing up verses down. Because these are not custom-made costumes, it may require minor alterations which are the responsibility of the parents. Washing or dry-cleaning the costumes before wearing is not needed, nor is it recommended. After trying on the costume, place on a hanger and store in a garment bag to avoid parts and pieces getting lost. This will keep costume clean, wrinkle free and protected until needed for Picture/ Rehearsal, and Performance Days. Dancers should not wear costumes before these events. Only matching accessories that come with the costume will be worn with the costume, no jewelry or under garments are to be worn with costumes, including during dress rehearsals, performance, and picture day.  Parents are advised to purchase an extra set of tights and be sure to write the dancers names in all costume, pieces and shoes.


Dancers will generally remain backstage the entire show.  Dancers ages 6 and under are signed in and out with the assigned backstage room attendant and may be picked up by a Parent at Intermission if the child is done performing.  Older children will remain backstage through final bows.  All students are supervised during the show and through bows. After bows, the backstage is opened to only one parent who will assist their child in collecting their belongings quickly before the next group of dancers arrive.  Other than volunteers, no parents are allowed backstage during the performances.


We will have the show professionally videotaped.  No technology devices are to be used during the show (no phones, no iPad, etc.) for recording.  Non-Flash photography is permitted.


Please remind your friends/family no cell phones or texting during performances, remain in your seats until intermission. If you must leave the theater, please do so between dances to avoid distracting the dancers and audience members.

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